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Cash machine merger being investigated by the CMA over competition concerns

First published by Author on September 08, 2016 in the following categories: Latest and tagged with

The completed Diebold / Wincor Nixdorf merger has led to a CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) investigation as to whether the merger will result in concerns for competition in the market.

The investigation has been called an “in-depth investigation” because there is already a concern that the merger will result in the “substantial lessening” of competition in the market.

The companies are being asked for undertakings, or they could face sanctions from the CMA.
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Lack of retail banking competition sparks investigation

First published by Admin on August 05, 2016 in the following categories: Latest and tagged with

In 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority launched an investigation into the personal current account and the small and medium sized enterprises of the retail banking sectors.

The reasons for the investigation were: concerns raised about the low level of customers shopping around and switching banks; customers having difficulty in comparing banks due to lack of transparency; limited entry of new banks to the market;  expansion within the sector which prevented smaller providers being able to develop; and the four largest banks market shares moving very little.

It is believed that competitive pressures are weak, so banks do not have to work as hard on prices or the quality of their service. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) want banks to work harder for their customers.
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