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It's so easy to end up a victim of anti-competitive behaviour, and most people and organisations won't even know it's happened until the people responsible have been investigated. In today's fast paced globalised business world, it's never been easier to share information, and for organisations to collude and sway market forces in their favour; at the direct expense of the consumer.

We're a real law firm of Competition Compensation Claim Lawyers who have made the very simple but important vow to stand up for the rights of the little guy, and fight against the big corporations who bend and break the rules for their own gain. Legislation to protect consumer rights is designed to ensure that there is a level playing field for consumers where healthy competition leads to fair pricing; efficiency; forward thinking; and exciting new innovation.

But choosing the easy and lazy way, or focusing on profitability over the rights of consumers, is both legally and morally wrong. So our team here at The Competition Lawyers have vowed to right the wrongs of anti-competitive behaviour and stand up for those who are financially out of pocket as a result of unfair trading practices.

Our Mission Statement

Fight for consumer rights and defend the level playing field where healthy competition ensures fair prices and innovation

Ensure individuals and businesses have fair and easy access to justice with our No Win, No Fee guarantee

Obtain fair financial compensation for victims of anti-competitive behaviour

A unique and healthy approach

As a dynamic and forward thinking law firm who always strive to stay ahead of the curve, we're often at the front of the biggest legal actions right here in the UK, and across the world. We believe in access to justice for all, and we want to build lifelong relationships with our clients, where the stress and hassle of litigation can be handled by us - not you!

Competition Law can be a complex area of law. Our Competition Lawyers have been helping people claim compensation for decades, and we have recovered millions of pounds for victims, which includes some of the biggest consumer actions ever seen.

Right now, we're acting for thousands of consumers for claims - both individuals and businesses. People choose us because of our genuine desire to help people. You are not just some statistic for some big corporate lawyers where your case and your feelings don't matter at all. We do care, and we want to make sure you have access to a service we have been tailoring for years - a service that ensures you know your rights, and where the hassle of litigation is not for you to worry about.

What we do

We can help individuals and businesses claim financial compensation as victims of anti-competitive behaviour. Whether you have paid higher prices because of price fixing, cartels, or limitations in supply - or if you are a business who has been bullied by unfair market dominance from a competitor - we can help.

If you would like a free no obligation chat about your options, please contact us here.

Our extensive expertise

Let's not bore you with a CV of our experience - let's give you a simple synopsis instead!

  • Decades of legal experience
  • Millions of pounds in compensation claimed for victims for both group claims and individual claims
  • Involvement in the biggest legal actions across the UK
  • Involvement in, and running, huge group actions in the High Court of Justice
  • Thousands of successful cases won - and thousands of people using our services right now
  • Access to top barristers and experts across the UK - including Queen's Counsel

Remember - we're a real law firm, and not some advice service or referral agent. Coming to us means coming direct to the source.

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