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Legislation both here in the UK and in the EU means that companies cannot get away with unfair trading practices and anti-competitive behaviour. Competition is supposed to ensure that consumers get the best they can and ensure industry efficiency and innovation, as organisations fairly compete on a level playing field.

So if the rules are bent of broken, our job is to make sure that the victims are entitled to justice.

Competition Claims

We act for individuals and organisations claiming compensation for:

  • Price cartels
  • Price fixing
  • Retail price maintenance
  • Supply restrictions
  • Innovation reduction
  • Unfair market share
  • Abuse of market dominance
  • Anti-competitive information sharing

No Win, No Fee

We can offer our clients - individuals and businesses - Genuine No Win, No Fee agreements, meaning we can waive our legal fees if a case is not successful.

It can be difficult and challenging enough having to pursue a legal claim with the worry of having to pay legal bills if things don't work out. Not only do our expert Competition Lawyers offer a hassle free service where we do all the leg work, but we can do it on the basis that we can write of our legal fees if we can't win the case.

You have rights - our job is to fight for them!

As a consumer, whether you're an individual or a business, you have rights. These rights are enshrined in law, so if anyone ever abuses your rights, you are entitled to claim for Competition Compensation.

Right now our Competition Lawyers are acting for thousands of people in the biggest Consumer Rights Actions in the UK. Over the years we have been helping people claim compensation, we have recovered millions of pounds from some of the biggest companies and biggest insurers in the world.

Don't ever think "the little guy" can't take on "the big guy" because our Competition Lawyers do just that. You are not alone and we are happy to provide you with no obligation advice and No Win, No Fee representation if we think we can win our claim.

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