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CMA investigates COVID-19 package holiday cancellations

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COVID-19 package holiday cancellations

In March 2020, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced its launch of a taskforce to tackle the challenges faced by businesses and consumers during the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the taskforce, the CMA later launched an investigation into COVID-19 package holiday cancellations, which has now been ongoing since last summer.

The decision to launch the investigation was made by the CMA following reports that some package holiday providers had been withholding refunds, despite the fact customers were forced to cancel holidays due to lockdown restrictions either within the UK or abroad.

In our eyes, no customer could have foreseen the coronavirus pandemic, and it is important that consumers are protected in these exceptional circumstances. We hope that the CMA’s continued pressure on the travel industry will ensure that all customers receive the refunds that they could be entitled to.

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Online hotel booking investigation update

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consumers stung by bogus holiday deals

Here’s the latest in the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) online hotel booking investigation that has been focused on consumer law compliance.

The initial investigation was launched back in October 2017, with enforcement action taken in June 2018. It’s an important one given the breadth of the online hotel booking market, and how confusing it can be. Competition in this key sector should always be healthy, and any infringements of the law cannot go unpunished.

We’re pleased to see that the latest developments in the online hotel booking investigation has seen undertakings agreed by numerous parties involved.

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Customers being duped into bogus holiday discounts and deals

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consumers stung by bogus holiday deals

According to investigations by consumer group Which?, who have asked Trading Standards to investigate travel firms, consumers are potentially being duped into purchasing holiday deals in bogus sales and discount schemes.

Promotions were reportedly tracked, and it was found that some discounts and deals were available for the same price or less after a time-limited “sale” had ended.

Some travel firms are being accused of offering misleading discounts to dupe holidaymakers into paying hundreds of pounds more than necessary off the back of bogus deals.
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